Article I - Name
A. The name of this Association shall be "Hawaii Yacht Racing Association".

Article II - Object
A. The object of the Association shall be to promote offshore yacht racing and class racing, in measurement classes and one-design classes and, in the promotion thereof, to
1. Promulgate and/or conduct each year a schedule of races for championships among individuals and meritorious classes (meritorious because of active competition therein, or because of the desirable type of yacht the class produces).
2. Sanction and/or conduct such races among Member-Clubs of the Association as will assume responsibility for holding the races so assigned to them and will agree that such races shall be open to any yacht qualifying in such a class whose owner is a member of a yacht club affiliated with this yacht racing association, which is a member of the United States Sailing Association (US SAILING); and that any such yacht which races therein shall have the right to appeal from the rulings of the Race Committee of such a Member-Club, to the Association.
3. Provide a committee to examine and decide appeals from the rulings of a race committee of any member club.
4. By a vote of the Delegates, arrange additional races with non-member organizations.