2021 Wahine Sailing Series 

Please check out the Facebook group “2020 Wahine Sailing Series” for the latest updates, discussions, and announcements on this series.  Included here are the NOS, results, and NORs for each regatta as they become available. 

The Wahine Sailing Series committee is working on their email list to spread the news of upcoming Wahine events.If you would like to be included in the email list, please send an email to: Wahinesailingeries@gmail.com

To be included in hyra's email blasts, send your request to:

Points of Contact: 

Leslie Foster (WYC/KYC) 
Katie Greenlee (KYC)
Kerri Meade (KYC/WYC)
Christin Quintal (HYRA)
Andrea Cheung (WYC/PHYC)
Maddy Kennedy (KYC/UH)
Megan McDonald (WYC)
Leah Magana (KYC)